Inspirational Story: The Price of A Miracle

Tess was only eight years old when she heard her mother and father talking about her little brother, Andrew. He was very sick and they had done anything they could to save him. Only a very expensive operation that could save his life but they didn’t have enough fund. Tess heard her father whisper, “Only a miracle can save him now”.

Tess went to her room, took her piggy that was under the bed and then cracked it open. She counted her money carefully. Then she sneaked out and went to a drugstore near her house. She waited patiently until the pharmacist gave her attention… But the pharmacist was too busy with other people to be bothered by an eight years old child. Tess tried to attract his attention by shaking his leg, but failed. Finally she took a quarter and threw it into the glass. It worked!

“What do you need?” He asked in an angry voice.

“My brother is sick, I want to buy a miracle.”

“What did you say?” He asked again.

“My daddy said only a miracle can save my brother now… So how much does a miracle cost?”

“We don’t sell miracles here, little girl. I can’t help you.”

“Listen, I have the money to buy it. Just tell how much it costs.” She insisted.

Then a well-dressed man stopped and asked, “What kind of miracle is needed by your brother, little girl?”

“I don’t know,” replied Tess. Tears began to roll down her cheek. “I just know he’s really sick and mommy said he needs an operation. But my parents can’t afford it.”

“How much money do you have?” He asked again.

“One dollar and eleven cents,” She replied proudly. “and that’s all the money I have.”

“Wow, what a coincidence,” The man smiled. “One dollar and eleven cents… The right price to buy a miracle that can help your brother.” He took the money and then held Tess’ hand and said, “Take me to your brother, I want to meet him and also your parents.”

The man is Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a renowned surgeon.

The operation was completed without charge and it was not long until Andrew was home again. Tess’ parents were very happy to see such a miracle, “The operation is like a miracle I can’t imagine how much it costs,” her mother whispered.

Tess smiled. She knew exactly how much it costs… One dollar and eleven cents plus her faith.

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